ưu điểm khi thuê lao động thời vụ

Call Center

Mat Bao BPO’s Contact Center Service is a great solution to help businesses manage all customer interactions on many different channels. The main purpose of Contact Center Service...
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Giá trị cốt lõi của mắt bão BPO

FM Service

One of the outstanding services of Mat Bao BPO is the facility management service. Our FM service has been proven by leading partners and through building management from...
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Retail Service

When talking about call center, people tend to think of a big company having a customer care department equipped with modern system and dozens of agents. However, for...
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Telesales Skill Training

You are struggling to increase sales revenue? Or you are stressed because of the “sales skills” of your employees? The cost is getting higher and higher, so what...
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Payroll service

It is a common belief among enterprise owners that successfully hiring a C&B staff means that they have completed the task of compensation calculation, social insurance and personal...
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