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MatBao BPO culture is built on heritage and guide our direction throughout the business. It is a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organization and represents for the key values that we are not willing to compromise on in any situation.. MatBao BPO has always been driven throughout the years by the culture of:


At MatBao BPO, we respect the human rights and values of employees. The culture enables employees to surpass their potential and to pursue self-fulfillment while remaining motivated and focused on corporate perspectives such as sincere cooperation and trust. We facilitate the coordination of each of the team member, heading join success which will result in a unified spirit, boosting team’s morale as well as generating a sense of responsibility at all levels within the workplace.


MatBao BPO aims to create a friendly workplace where employees can raise their voice and are encouraged to share their own perspective, intellectual skills and hands-on experience. Face-to-face consultation with any member of Management Board is also promoted for a further and better mutual comprehension.

The roadblock goes against our professional ethics will be considered as a totally unacceptable behaviors such as gossip, jealousies, backstabbing, misleading information etc.


At MatBao BPO, we distinguish ourselves to be different in the way we deliver. Therefore, we stimulate a climate of creativity by providing necessary resources, finance and time for employees to pursue their new ideas, boosting the inventiveness out of each employee, proceeding beyond the conventional approaches.


At MatBao BPO, we believe that outstanding service deliverables and clients’ success lies at the heart of our company’s success. Our goals are to lead the high standards of BPO services which in return, result in the success of both client and our company.


Social responsibilities play a key role in our business direction. We are about ensuring our business is managed to take account of community and charity activities by being involved in a diverse range of social events that reflect our values. By doing so, we aim to facilitate a meaningful contribution for community and make a positive difference in people’s lives.