Customer Service Skill – Touching Customer’s Heart

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Do you know that out of 100 unhappy customers, only 8 make complaints and give the company a chance, the other 92 just leave quietly. Although getting only few complaints, the real problem is much more serious. On the road to success, there needs to be a step when agents are trained to satisfy customers, from which transforming them from “customer” to “partner”.

An enterprise wanting to succeed in business needs to know how to take care of its living resources – customers. When it comes to “take care”, there is no important thing as “agents’ attitude”.

The questions are: how to build a team of agents who really understand customers’ needs and know how to make them happy. That’s the reason why Mat Bao BPO develops “CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS – TOUCHING CUSTOMER’S HEART” program to help entrepreneurs be more professional in taking care of their customers

This program is designed by Mat Bao BPO’s specialists who have many years of experience in customer care. When participating our course, your employees will:

  • Be proud and happy supporting customers
  • Build professional communication style
  • Know how to control emotions
  • Master 9 steps of handling complaints

Besides, Mat Bao BPO will consult you on:

  • Customer service scenario
  • Customer service process
  • Customer service culture

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