Outstaffing service is a form of transferring the performance of a part of certain production and business functions, including physical assets and human resources, to an outside service provider specializing in the field. This process helps customers focus on the core activities of the business.

We provide

  1. Factory worker
  2. Delivery staff
  3. Office personnel
  4. Seasonal worker/Unskilled worker
  5. Logistics and Warehouse Worker

When using the service of Mat Bao BPO

  • Providing flexible personnel according to service request time
  • Managing services effectively through proactive recruitment, training, and replacement
  • Allocating appropriate personnel according to specific requirements from customers
  • Providing human resources quickly in a short time
  • Actively handling problem related to Labor Law through the Legal team

Notable customers

  • Samsung
  • LG Display
  • Thuocsi
  • TPbank
  • Best Express

For more information, please contact us:

Email: info@matbaobpo.com
Hotline Call-center: 1900 7051
Hotline dành cho Kinh doanh: 028 7301 9988

Training Service

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Staff Leasing

Mat Bao can customize a staffing plan to meet your demand of supplemental staff for short or long-term periods for example: Arrange staffs to cover the tasks of your employees on leaves Quickly supply a large number of employees to fulfill your special assignments or seasonal workloads and projects This kind of service can help you to…
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