With the desire to assist Customers in removing administrative burdens and focusing on core business, production activities, and sustainable development, Mat Bao BPO’s Payroll Service supports the following: businesses in calculating salaries, managing human resources, and helping to solve all activities related to salary administration.

We provide

  • Managing salary timely and accurately
  • Storing/ensuring the security and confidentiality of information
  • Registering Social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance
  • Other consulting and support services
  • Performing tax declaration, making human resource reports, and managing leave

Typical customers

  • Mirae Asset
  • Shinhan Finance
  • Taiso
  • Intertek

For more information, please contact us

Email: info@matbaobpo.com
Hotline Call-center: 1900 7051
Hotline for Business: 028 7301 9988

Payroll service

It is a common belief among enterprise owners that successfully hiring a C&B staff means that they have completed the task of compensation calculation, social insurance and personal income tax fulfillment for the employees but unaware that if the C&B staff has the full knowledge and comply with all statutory requirements or not. In the…
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Labor Legalization Service

Labor legalization is a service in which enterprises are still in charge of the recruitment of new employees while entrusting the tasks of signing labor contracts and managing these employees to Mat Bao BPO. For foreign firms planning on entering Vietnam market but are not familiar with the labor laws of Vietnam; firms having a…
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