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When talking about call center, people tend to think of a big company having a customer care department equipped with modern system and dozens of agents. However, for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) not having budget and skills needed to set up and maintain an in-house call center, the best pick for your enterprises is to outsource such operation to a specialized service provider as Mat Bao BPO.

With this service, Mat Bao BPO has designed small packs of only 100-200 telephone calls and one or a couple of agents handling all of the queries and request from your customers. You can choose the best pack that fits your need.

Why outsource your call center to Mat Bao BPO?

Save time

Typically, the demand for inbound and outbound calls of SMEs is small so most of them leave that duty to their employees. Making a good customer service requires time and a lot of effort. Using employees who are not trained in the art of customer service not only impacts the job performance of such employees but also the operation of the call center. By contracting out customer service to Mat Bao BPO, employees can use their time more productively on their main tasks to boost your company’s profit.

 Save money

Hiring a new employee is a big expense. Not only do you have to pay for salary, you also need to cover training cost, working schedules, benefits and other costs associated to workforce management. Furthermore, not all SMEs have full knowledge in training customer care agents. Therefore, SME Call Center service is a cost-effective choice.

Setting up an in-house call center can be very costly as your company will have to make investments in technology, equipment and facilities to maintain the operation of your system.


For SMEs having to compete with “big guys”, reputation is imperative. Enterprises can not be good at everything. They only do best when it comes to their expertise. Therefore, spending money on building a call center which is not the main task of the company is a waste, having direct impact on the business efficiency. Mat Bao BPO’s call center can provide trained and professional representatives for your business.

Who should use this service?

  • Enterprises need a professional call center but do not want to spend a large amount of money on buiding their own system
  • Enterprises have few telephone calls
  • Enterprises do not have experience in training customer care agents.

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