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Nowadays, telemarketing plays a key role in targeting our image in customers’ mind and generating sales revenues. To comprehend that, we design a telemarketing service that can support enterprise clients by generating customers’ awareness, acquiring leads or opportunities, canvassing established customers, providing information, conducting market research, and selling products or services to new or existing customers. At MatBao BPO, what distinguish us from others is the combined program of telesales and telemarketing services. Under a self-cycled program, with telemarketing we help clients create prospects, let people know their portfolio and provides the opportunity for both retail customers and business to find out more about each other. Telesales converts those opportunities into business for our enterprise clients.



Customers’ database is the most important element at any stage in Sales & Marketing Department. With telemarketing, we design templates, call scripts and systems for a reliable source of data for your telesales team, rather than buying the data.


Lead generation is an important activity that influences the success of both the telesales team and the field sales team. Our specialist telesales teams identify excellent potential leads for telesales team to close. This helps maximize the numbers of qualified sales leads and allow sales team to focus on selling or follow-up activities.


Professionally presents your brand, product or services to potential customers. Also, under performance of our specialist telemarketer, we provides customer satisfaction and leave customers with a professional impression of your company.


Great telemarketing campaigns drive great telesales campaigns which in turn, result in a much more effective sales revenues and canvas existing customers to reveal buying trends, or the potential for new business. In terms of market research, outbound calling produces leads for ultimate usage in the next stages.


Even before our team starts work on the project, we have an established set of steps to help us understand your needs better.

Step 1: We conduct a serious face-to-face discussion with enterprise clients to seek out the comprehensive understanding of client products, services and market positioning.

Step 2: After discussion, both sides agree on the specific product or service that is going to be promoted throughout the sales campaign.

Step 3: Our specialist team identifies the profile of target clients:

  • Industry Sector
  • Client by Employee Size
  • Client by Sales Turnover

Step 4: agree on the specific sales call objectives:

  • New Client Data Capture
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • New Client Appointment Setting

Step 5: Target Client Data

  • Establish new client data sources and utilizing the existing ones.

Step 6: Agree on Geographic Strategy

  • Local Market
  • National Market
  • Sales by County

Step 7: Both sides working together to draft telephone sales pitch geared to product launch and agreed call objectives, then we review the draft with clients and get final approval from them.

Step 8: Account Management: we appoint a project manager. Project Manpower to be prepared and trained with the agreed timeline.

Step 9: Project Pilot Run

Step 10: Project Commences

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