With the goal for brand development to 2025, MAT BPO BPO and SAMKOO will go hand in hand toward becoming the top 10 global enterprises in outsourcing services (G10 O25).



Striving to become a reliable partner for corporate customers and create thousands of jobs for Vietnamese youths.





We are proud to be one of the leading BPO companies in Vietnamese market and are confident to bring our customers high-quality BPO services. For corporate clients, Mat Bao BPO is known as one of the most trusted brands in the Vietnamese BPO market. The employees at Mat Bao BPO play an important role in the success of our customers and our company, and every employee can be proud of themself as a member of Mat Bao BPO.


In the rapidly changing economy, we understand the business needs of our customers and cherish every opportunity to serve them. We are consistent with our dedication and care.


At Mat Bao BPO, the success of our customers and the happiness of our employees are always our top concerns, the values above help guide our business activities. Mat Bao BPO is proud of the humanitarian values which we are making. We always put the interests of customers first and respect employees. The secret to making Mat Bao BPO’s reputation as a reliable partner is the mindset of always thinking and respecting customers as well as the staff.